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Understand and Manage the Three Hidden Key Drivers to Help Prevent Derailment in Business


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Knowledge Capital; Conflict Resolution & Mediation; Business Systems & Planning; Total Quality Management



Conflict. Scandal. Derailment. These are the last words you want to hear as a shareholder, board member, or CEO of any organization, especially if you expected corporate governance to prevent these crisis.


But the business world is volatile and complex. As human, we are volatile and complex. The mechanisms of corporate governance alone are not enough to insure usor our businessagainst inevitable change and challenges.


Beyond Corporate Governance shows you why the processes you rely on are a flawed safety net, and how you can learn to navigate change, no matter the ambiguities or uncertainties you face. This guidebook is a constant companion for any leader who wants to unpack their full potential and for owners, boards, CEOs, and recruiters to understand what true leaders are made of. This book gives you tools to identify the red flags and hidden dynamics of organizational and personal derailment to push beyond the concept of corporate governance as your best-and only- solution.


Things change, and they change quickly. Learn what you can do to help future-proof your business and sleep better at night.


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Solving the Mystery of Unconscious Sabotage at the Top of the Corporate Pyramid



Amazon Bestseller #1 in the following categories:

Corporate Governance; Business Etiquette; Communication in Management




What is Cockfighting ? All too often, the relationships between chairpersons and CEOs are filled with tension, affecting organizations as a whole. Drawing on studies in business, law, and psychology, as well as interviews with more than seventy chairpersons and CEOs, Cockfighting uncovers the roots behind these complex interactions. To create a more productive atmosphere, senior leaders need to identify the source of their issues and build a new bond based on trust and respect. Cockfighting offers insights into how the conscious and unconscious drivers of conflict and their intensifiers such as role models, role clarity, family structures, and birth order can cause antagonism. It also provides invaluable tools for increasing self-awareness and facilitating collaboration to improve the working atmosphere, and ultimately the organization's performance.


Amazon bestseller in the categories 'Corporate Governance', 'Communication in Management', 'Business Ethics'.


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PhD (External PhD Candidate at the University of Zurich, 2018 - Present)

Leadership Types & Skills in a VUCA World

Focus: leadership types and skills in a VUCA world, trust, willingness to change, innovativeness, risk perception/taking
  • VUCA: who deals best with change and risks and why
  • Forms of interpersonal trust in business: whom people trust and why
  • Startup team dynamic: how to maximize the chance of success
  • Impact of coaching on leadership: how it helps leverage performance


Articles and Interviews


Kirkus Book Review: "A useful handbook for solving conflicts among top managers"


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